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Citroflex® 2 Plasticizer (Triethyl Citrate)

Citroflex® 2 or C-2 is recommended as a plasticizer for cellulosic derivatives as well as natural resins such as dammar and ester gums.  Due to its limited oil solubility, grease resistance of polymers formulated with Citroflex® 2 is enhanced.  It also imparts improved light-fastness to lacquer formulations.  In the personal care area, C-2 is used as a fixative for perfumes and as a plasticizer and film strengthening agent in hair sprays, nail polishes, and as an active in deodorants.  Citroflex® 2 does not support fungal growth. 


Applications: PlasticizersPVC AdditivesBiopolymer AdditivesWire & Cable


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