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Vertellus Spotlights Compounding Agents for Nylon & Other Engineering Plastics, Non-Phthalate Plasticizers, High-Value Antioxidants at NPE 2015

ORLANDO, FLA. — March 24, 2015 — Vertellus, a leading global supplier of additives to the plastics and polymer industries, is spotlighting advanced compounding, plasticizer and antioxidant technologies for the first time here at NPE 2015 (booth #S29145). For its NPE debut and as part of the company’s presentation at the co-located ANTEC conference, Vertellus is showcasing its high-efficiency ZeMac® copolymers for upgrading nylon and other engineering plastics during compounding and other high-performance plastic additives. Vertellus continues to expand its portfolio of specialty additives to address major industry needs including sustainability, safety, regulatory compliance and cost control.

“Vertellus is an innovator of industry-leading additives that help our customers solve their toughest challenges – from supporting environmental initiatives to addressing consumer safety concerns – while enabling them to optimize system cost-effectiveness,” said Mike Szabo, business director, Plastics at Vertellus. “These technologies deliver multiple extreme-performance benefits, making them a high-value alternative to competitive products. ZeMac copolymers and our other core products illustrate Vertellus’ expanding global leadership position and unyielding commitment to our customers.”

Innovative Additives for Optimizing Nylon and Engineering Plastics

Added during compounding, ZeMac copolymers improve the properties of recycled nylon and other engineering plastics to levels meeting or exceeding those of virgin resin. This highly efficient technology enables compounders to cut raw material costs and enhance sustainability without sacrificing quality or performance. (See Vertellus’ NPE ZeMac Copolymers press release.)

Impact modifiers added into nylon and other engineering plastics typically cause other properties to decline. Combining impact modifiers with ZeMac products results in significant restoration of heat deflection temperature (HDT) and mechanical properties at no additional cost. OEMs can design lighter-weight parts by leveraging this combination of higher impact, tensile, flex and HDT performance, which is currently possible only with much more costly plastics.

ZeMac copolymers also transform nylon into a shear-thinning material with high melt strength, expanding its potential applications into new areas such as profile extrusion, blow molding and thermoforming.

Ashok Adur, global commercial development director at Vertellus will discuss the importance of these copolymers in a presentation given at ANTEC titled “Using ZeMac® Copolymers to Reduce Costs in Nylon Compounds While Meeting Exacting Customer Performance Specifications.” The paper will be presented on Wednesday, March 25 at 1:30pm in room S330F and will focus on the unique chemistry of these copolymer products and how they can reduce costs in nylon compounds and still meet performance specifications.

Better Plasticizer Alternatives to Phthalates

Addressing consumer concerns and regulatory action to avoid phthalate plasticizers, Vertellus’ Citroflex® additives are manufactured without the use of phthalates. Citroflex plasticizers for polyvinyl chloride (PVC) and other polymers are derived from citric acid and offer rapid biodegradability. These bio-based, non-toxic additives have proven their safety in food contact and medical applications, such as medical blood bags and tubing, as well as children’s toys. Citroflex products deliver superior tensile strength and ultimate elongation performance compared to di-(2-ethylhexyl) phthalate (DEHP) and di-(2-ethylhexyl) adipate (DEHA). Further, they combine powerful solvent performance with low volatility to reduce leaching.

Vertellus also offers bio-based Flexricin® plasticizers, based on castor oil, and Paricin® plasticizers. Both of these product lines, which have historically proven themselves in lubricants, are now being expanded into polymer applications, such as plasticizers for polybutylene terephthalate (PBT) and other engineering plastics used in electrical appliances such as vacuum cleaners, microwaves and coffee pots.

Morflex® aromatic plasticizers are another alternative to phthalate plasticizers. Although not bio-based, the plasticizers are relatively non-toxic and are used in a wide range of plastic applications, including packaging and PVC for automotive seat covers, hose jackets, wire and cable jackets, film and sheeting, belting and seals.

Antioxidants with Advantages over BPA

Vertellus’ Topanol® antioxidants, with their low viscosity, higher molecular weight and resulting slow leach rate, provide an attractive replacement for bisphenol A (BPA), which has long raised concerns about toxicity. They are also much more cost-efficient than BPA, requiring only about one-tenth the concentration, and are faster to dissolve. This advanced Vertellus technology is widely used in PVC for automotive under the hood wiring, as well as for medical applications and food contact packaging.

Topanol antioxidants also provide exceptional compatibility with secondary additives such as ultraviolet (UV) stabilizers and provide excellent protection from oxidative degradation, including weathering and exposure to high temperatures during processing. They are commonly used in PVC wire and cable jacketing and as a super-efficient antioxidant stabilizer in nylon and styrenics such as acrylonitrile-styrene (SAN) copolymers.

About Vertellus
Vertellus is a specialty chemicals company focused on the manufacture of ingredients used in pharmaceuticals, personal care, nutrition, agriculture, industrial and a host of other market areas affected by trends favoring sustainable technologies and chemistries. Vertellus is the largest, global producer of pyridine and picolines, specialty pyridine derivatives, DEET, castor oil derivatives and systems and a world leader in vitamin B3 and citrate polymer additives and systems. Vertellus benefits from a technically advanced global manufacturing base and has approximately 1000 employees. Vertellus is headquartered in the United States in Indianapolis, Ind. More information on Vertellus can be found at

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