3,5-Lutidine in Transportation


3,5-Lutidine is a dimethyl-substituted derivative of pyridine.  It is a heterocyclic organic compound that finds use as an intermediate in the agrochemical industries, as a solvent and catalyst, and as a structure directing agent for manufacture of zeolyte catalysts. 



Transportation - Emissions Controls

Diesel exhaust systems rely on catalysts to help reduce Nitrogen Oxide (NOx) emissions from the engine by converting these compounds to Nitrogen and Oxygen before they can contribute to harmful air pollution such as smog and acid rain.  Similar to the catalytic converters in gasoline powered cars, diesel catalysts help keep the wheels of global transportation moving with lower air quality impact. 

3,5-Lutidine finds use in the manufacturing process for the diesel catalyst as a structure directing agent; helping give shape to the intricate lattice support to which the precious metal catalyst is adhered to. 3,5-Lutidine contributes to the synthesis of diesel emissions catalysts in a more efficient manner than some alternative technologies.



Typical Properties

Acid Value
Hydroxyl Value
Saponification Value
Iodine Value
Melt Point (°C)
Specific Gravity

Values shown in the above table are typical properties.

Application Highlights

Emissions Controls

Part of the manufacturing process  going into the system that reduces diesel engine emissions

Veterinary Antibiotic

Part of a medication for respiratory diseases in swine, cattle, and sheep

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