Our aluminum-based vaccine adjuvants enhance, accelerate, and prolong the immune response in patients during vaccination. In addition, our portfolio includes a broad range of aluminum gels that are instrumental during the plasma protein separation process.

functional ingredients to enhance drug delivery

vaccine adjuvants

Adjuvants are a key functional ingredient in vaccines aiding efficacy and immune response. Our wide portfolio of cGMP aluminum adjuvants enhance drug delivery and are the benchmark adjuvant in vaccine formulations. Aluminum adjuvants are the most widely used adjuvant with a strong track record for safety (80+ years), and adjuvanticity with a variety of antigens.

Rehydragel™ LV

  • carefully controlled for Al2O3 content and protein binding capacity
  • lower viscosity than competing adjuvants, which makes it easier to process and handle

Rehydragel™ SP and Rehydragel™ PM

  • designed for use in buffer systems that are incompatible with Rehydragel LV

Rehydragel™ AB

  • superior aluminum hydroxide for blood plasma separation

Rehydragel™ HS

  • designed specifically for those vaccines where low binding is required

Rehydragel™ HPA

  • maximum protein binding and point of zero charge at pH 12
  • low oxide, thixotropic gel containing sub-micron particles that can boost protein adsorption compared to conventional adjuvants

Rehydragel™ CG

  • highly gelatinous, nearly translucent, and non-reactive making it effective for topical applications
  • often diluted to form suspensions having relatively low oxide concentrations or used in vaccines that need high adjuvant levels

Rehydraphos™ Aluminum Phosphate

  • amorphous aluminum hydroxyphosphate having an acidic isoelectric point
  • property combined with its high surface area gives it a high adsorptive capacity for basic or positively charged antigens

plasma protein separation

Plasma protein separation is critical for developing protein-based therapeutics for various diseases. Our comprehensive selection of aluminum gels can more efficiently isolate the targeted proteins during the blood plasma separation process. This superior binding capability is driven by the quality and consistency of our aluminum-based solutions.

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