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DMAP is a superacylation catalyst that is effective for even the most difficult transformations. It has been used in agricultural, pharmaceutical, polymer and chemical process industries. It is a consistent, predictable basic nucleophilic catalyst for epoxy, urethane and hybrid polymer systems.

  • Well-known acylation catalyst
  • Catalyst for electrophillic substitution; enhances formylation, carbamoylation, tritylation, silyation, esterification, phosphorylation
  • Polymerization of amides, esters, urethanes


  • Decreases reaction time
  • Improves selectivity
  • Suppresses by-product formation
  • Increases yield

Vertellus offers two grades of N,N-Dimethyl-4-aminopyridine, flaked DMAP and the Easy-Flo® DMAP grade. Easy-Flo® DMAP grade is a pelletized product that improves product handling by improving flowability, reducing dust and helping prevent product compaction.