biocompatible adhesives & sealants

Biothane™  Polyurethane Sealant Systems are specially formulated to meet the rigorous demands for use as sealants and adhesives in varied medical device applications. They are designed to provide the strength and flexibility required for catheters, filters, and specialty medical devices while meeting all biocompatibility test standards. 

Biothane Systems are two-component products consisting of a Vorite Prepolymer matched with a Polycin Polyol. The combination of each Vorite prepolymer and Polycin polyol produces a polymer sealant or adhesive with unique properties for the specialized application at hand. 

functional ingredients to enhance drug delivery

for use in medical applications

  • dialyzers
  • catheters 
  • specialty medical devices 


Polyurethane Adhesives and Sealants for Medical Devices

Potting Adhesives for Hollow Fiber Membranes in Biopharmaceutical

now offering Biothane customizable systems

Biothane Polyurethane Systems can be custom formulated to provide the optimum pot life, cure time, strength, and flexibility required to fit the unique needs of catheters and specialty medical device assembly processes.  

optimized pot life

  • increased adhesive working window, improved utilization
  • fewer changeovers, improved consistency​​
  • reduced consumable spend

faster cure time

  • reduced production cycle time​
  • lower energy consumption​ 
  • optimized throughput​ 

custom solution

  • “building block” system allows for customization​ 
  • unique fit to specific manufacturing processes 

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