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Surfactol™ 318

Surfactol™ products are non-ionic surfactants based on the addition of ethylene oxide to the hydroxyl groups in castor oil, drastically affecting the oil’s tolerance for water, as evidenced by the dispersability or complete solubility of the product.  These non-ionic surfactants are excellent emulsifiers for a wide variety of materials including oils, fats, waxes, oleoresinous binders, insecticides, polyesters and acrylics.  They are solubilizers for modifying agents such as dyes, colorants, perfumes, essential oils and extracts.  They act as defoamers and anti-static agents and produce emulsions in acid media.  These products represent a means of utilizing the properties of castor oil (lubricity, penetration, pigment wetting, dye enhancement) in water-based systems.Surfactol™ 318, a nonionic surfactant, is an ideal low foaming emulsifier for oil/water emulsions. It has the added property of contributing emolliency to prepared formulations. Surfactol™ 318 is an excellent emulsifier for oil and waxes and is also an effective solubilizer for many fragrances.

Applications: AdhesivesCoatings and Inks


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