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Flexricin™ Castor Oil Esters

Castor Oil (glyceryl tri-ricinoleate) can be alcoholyzed at the ester linkage and esterified at the hydroxyl group. The alkyl esters, particularly those in which the hydroxyl has been replaced by an acetoxy group, are plasticizers for many natural and synthetic resins and elastomers, including polyvinyl chloride, nitrocellulose, ethylcellulose and rubber polymers.

The plasticizing effect of ricinoleate or hydroxystearate plasticizers is generally characterized by:

  • Excellent softening and flexibilizing.  In vinyl they improve "hand" or "drape."
  • Good low temperature plasticizing, specifically recommended for rubber and plastics where they compare favorably to adipic and sebacic acid esters.
  • Excellent lubricants.  The lubricating effect is advantageous for vinyl calendering and extrusions, mold release for elastomers and plastics, and in strippable coatings.
  • Excellent pigment wetting.  They are highly recommended for the production of pigment dispersions, or for incorporation in elastomeric or plastic compositions containing pigments or fillers.
  • Good electrical properties.  Low dissipation factor, and high volume resistivity and dielectric constant