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Polycin® Polyols

Polycin® D, T & M Polyols

The Polycin® D, T & M series polyols are 100% solids castor oil derived polyols designed for use in polyurethane coating systems. These products will allow for the formulation of high performance non-yellowing coatings, VOC reduction, and improved pigment wetting along with the added castor oil properties of improved flow and leveling.

Polycin® GR Polyols

The Polycin® GR series are 100% solids, castor oil based polyols designed for use as reactive resins in polyurethane systems. For the first time, these products will produce a range of mechanical properties never obtained from glyceryl ricinoleate chemistry. Shore hardness in the high D scale down to the low A scale can be attained with MDI cures. Using castor oil as its sole base, the GR series are fully natural products from a renewable resource.


Polycin® D-1000 Series Polyols

Polycin® D-1000 Series Polyols are polyols based on castor oil with a functionality of 2. They can be cured with any of the standard isocyanate resins and pre-polymers depending on the end use application. These polyols offer higher molecular weight than other natural oil polyols and are excellent in 1K and 2K urethane systems.