CASE Coatings, Adhesives, Sealants, Elastomers

Polymerized Castor Oils

These non-drying castor polymers, commonly known as blown oils, have increasing viscosities resulting from oxidative and cross-link polymerization at the double bonds and hydroxyl groups.

Oxidized Castor Oils

Oxidative polymerization of castor oil at the double bond yields products with increased viscosities and decreasing solubility in aliphatic solvents, increasing compatibility with various resins and improved ability to wet and disperse pigments. The polymerized castor oils are permanent plasticizers for nitrocellulose lacquers to which they contribute adhesion, elasticity, high gloss and solvent resistance.The polymerized oils are used to plasticize a variety of resins in adhesive and sealant systems, inks and hot melts. The heavier viscosity polymerized oils are processing aids and plasticizers for rubber polymers, imparting oil and solvent resistance.

Vorite Polymerized Oils

The Vorite™ oils have been polymerized by a unique process, which imparts excellent thermal and viscosity stability. The Vorite™ oils are polymeric plasticizers for cellulosics and elastomers in adhesives, sealants, gasket cements and belt dressings. They aid in plasticizing the reactants (polyol) for flexible urethane foams and elastomers. Other uses include lacquers, marking inks and plug valve lubricants.