Cetylpyridinium Chloride (CPC)

Cetylpyridinium Chloride (CPC) or 1-Hexadecylpyridinium Chloride is a quaternary ammonium compound that demonstrates varying degrees of activity against bacteria. CPC is widely used in over-the-counter products including mouthwash, throat lozenges, nasal sprays and antiseptic (first aid) creams and lotions. It is also used as an active pharmaceutical ingredient and an excipient in pharmaceutical products. CPC meets requirements for monographs of the US, European and Japanese Pharmacopoeia.

Effectiveness of CPC against bacteria

Compared to other antimicrobials, CPC is especially effective against Gram-positive bacteria.

Certification: FSSC 2200; ISO 9001:2015; Kosher; Halal


  • Bactericide
  • Cationic Surfactant
  • Hair Care
  • Micellar Water
  • Oral Care
  • Preservative
  • Skin Care
  • Wipes


  • Broad spectrum
  • Colorless, odorless, water soluble
  • Used across wide pH range
  • Effective at low levels



Food Colorant

2-Vinylpyridine is the key intermediate in the production of the API, betahistine, an anti-vertigo medicine.

2-Vinylpyridine is a reactive monomer and once polymerized, the nitrogen is less exposed/accessible than its counterpart, 4-Vinylpyridine. It can be copolymerized with many other monomers, in particular cationic monomers, such as acrylamide, acrylates, and also with other vinyl-based monomers (e.g. styrene). The benefit of the addition of a 6-membered heterocyclic moiety is the increased Van der Waals forces which impart better electrostatic forces to the finished polymer, improving adhesion.


Typical Properties

Acid Value
Hydroxyl Value
Saponification Value
Iodine Value
Melt Point (°C)
Specific Gravity

Values shown in the above table are typical properties.

Application Highlights

High End Pigmented Coatings

Used to offset color loss from exposure to light, air, temperature, and other environmental factors

Artifical Food Dye

Used to provide color to otherwise colorless food

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