corrosion inhibitors

Corrosion inhibitors reduce, delay, or prevent the corrosion of metal. During the storage and transport of fuels our corrosion inhibitor technology protects against moisture in the naturally occurring environment. When using Texalene™ corrosion inhibitors water molecules in the fuel are displaced from metal surfaces in favor of our film-forming compounds.

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Corrosion can start as soon as unprotected metals and alloys encounter oxidizing species such as air, moisture, or dirt. Decreasing the corrosion rate of these metals and alloys helps to reduce the number of failures in critical equipment. Process equipment, storage tanks, and fuel pipelines are better protected when low levels of corrosion inhibitors are added to the fuels which they contain.

stop corrosion before it starts

Corrosion inhibitors helps to decrease maintenance costs and lengthen the useful life of equipment.  Texalene 7275 corrosion inhibitor can be added to hydrocarbons at various stages in the production process and provides multi metal protection.

  • organic, ashless
  • reduces rust sediment
  • prevents acids from attacking metal surfaces​
  • provides tangential anti-wear benefits

Potentially corrosive contaminants are more prevalent in bio-based and oxygenated fuels. With the demand for these types of fuels rising, so does the need for Texalene corrosion inhibitor.

optimize your corrosion inhibitor with
multifunctional intermediates

Texalene multifunctional intermediates allow customers to design neutral fuel additives for unique attributes in a range of hydrocarbon fuels. Optimizing formulations with efficient and reliable intermediates for corrosion inhibitors has become critical, with fuel market trends increasing bio-based content and less naturally-occurring lubricity. Our range of Texalene intermediates enable formulators to innovate, inhibiting corrosion in fuel systems.

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