crop protection

Over half of the world’s crops would be lost to weeds, diseases, and insects without protection. Agricultural intermediates are used to produce active ingredients for pesticides (insecticides, herbicides, fungicides) that help to keep plants safe and enable farmers to produce sustainable yields.

to keep plants healthy and maintain sustainable yields


intermediates for active ingredients


2,3-Dichloropyridine is a key component of the active ingredient in anthranilic diamide insecticides, which offer excellent control of lepidopteran and hemipteran pests.  Because of their unique mechanism of action that targets the ryanodine receptor in insects, these pesticides can overcome resistance to other products while offering very low toxicity to mammals.

other intermediates we offer: 

  • Pyridine
  • Beta Picoline


intermediates for active ingredients

Alpha Picoline

Alpha picoline is a building block for many herbicide products. These products are used to control unwanted weeds and brush to boost productivity and help feed growing populations.

other intermediates we offer: 

  • Pyridine
  • Beta Picoline


intermediates for active ingredients

Gamma Picoline

Gamma Picoline is a building block for fungicide products. These products are used to control damaging fungus to boost crop productivity and help feed growing populations.

other intermediates we offer: 

  • Alpha Picoline

processing aids for crop protection


3,5-Lutidine is a processing aid used in the manufacture of agrichemicals (e.g. solvent for producing sulfonamides). It is an essential building block in ALS (acetolactate synthase) inhibitor herbicides that protect rice and wheat crops by controlling broadleaf weeds and grasses.


Easy-Flo™ DMAP Catalyst

Easy-Flo DMAP has been shown to be effective in improving speed and reducing by-products in reactions applicable to many products in agrochemicals. Unwanted side reactions and impurities prevalent when using other catalysts are greatly reduced, even in difficult reactions. That means higher chemical yield, faster throughput, and a purer final product. 

Our Easy-Flo DMAP is a pelletized product that offers improved handling through enhanced flowability, reduced dust, and decreased product compaction.

additional crop protection solutions we provide

  • Diethyl Maleate
  • Dimethyl Adipate
  • Maleic Anhydride

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