dye transfer inhibitors

Food starch modifiers improve the performance of native starches. Starch modifiers aid in food conservation by protecting the food’s texture and structure during conditions it could encounter through processing and storage (high heat, freezing, thawing, cooling). They simplify food preparation by thickening foods such as sauces, dressings, and icing, providing an appealing texture or making them easier to dissolve in water.

for superior color protection

Textile fading can occur by the deposition of fugitive dyes during the wash cycle. Reilline™  Polymers added to detergent formulations aid in the prevention of fabric discoloration. 

Reilline Polymers are highly effective in preventing the transfer of dyes from solution to receptor swatches under a variety of experimental conditions. Compared to alternative DTIs, they have shown superior effectiveness across a broad array of dyes and surfactants, as well as a wide pH range. Typical use levels are 0.05-0.1%.

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