Easy-Flo™ DMAP Catalyst

Our Easy-Flo DMAP finds uses in the synthesis of many pharmaceuticals, agrochemicals, and fine chemicals as well as in the flavor and fragrance, photographic, cosmetic, and polymer industries.

Easy-Flo DMAP acts faster. Unwanted side reactions and impurities prevalent when using other catalysts are greatly reduced, even in difficult reactions. That means higher chemical yield, faster throughput, and a purer final product. Easy-Flo DMAP has a strong history of being a very useful acylation catalyst.

Easy-Flo DMAP is a pelletized product that offers improved handling through enhanced flowability, reduced dust, and decreased product compaction.


Catalyst in Agrochemicals

Easy-Flo DMAP has been shown to be effective in improving speed and reducing by-products in reactions applicable to many products in agrochemicals.

Easy-Flo DMAP is useful in any reaction where e.g. triazoles are being reacted with Halo aromatics or halo aliphatics. In particular, it has found wide commercial use in the cyclohexane diones, or “dims”, such as clethoxydim, and in phosphorus couplings such as in chlorpyrifos. For catalysis of many reactions including acylations, phosphorylations, carbamoylations, tritylations, lactonizations, and silylation.


Application Highlights


Effective in improving speed and reducing by-products


Helps provide a higher chemical yield, faster throughput,
and a purer final product

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Available upon request. Please use the Contact Us form. 

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