Emulsion A Oil

Emulsion A Oil is designed for use in emulsion type automobile and furniture polishes and cleaners to impart durable high lustre protective films. Emulsion A Oil contains no volatiles and will enrich the surface of wood, metal, and paint. Water-based polishes are prepared by emulsifying the oil with alkalies and amines or non-ionic emulsifiers. Emulsion A Oil is completely compatible with aliphatic solvents for the preparation of solvent type polishes.


Automotive Polishes

Emulsion A Oil is a castor-based oil ideal for automotive polishes and waxes. It helps restore auto paint that has lost its shine due to oxidation. Car polishes & waxes help to eliminate surface scratches, swirls, dirt, and other minor imperfections. 

Furniture Polishes

Wood polishes based on Emulsion A Oil restore luster to dulled surfaces and protect from watermarks. The polish acts as a protective layer for wood preserving the natural beauty of the furniture.

Metal Polishes

Metal polishing paste derived from Emulsion A Oil helps smooth surfaces and eliminate defects. Thereby enhancing the appearance of the metal, creating a shiny and more reflective surface.


Typical Values

Color (Gardner)
Viscosity (Stokes @25°C)
Saponification Value
Pour Point (°C)

Values shown in the above table are typical properties

Application Highlights

Automotive Polish

Emulsion A Oil

Imparts durable, high lustre protective films

Wood Polish

Emulsion A OIl

Will enrich the surface of wood

Metal Polish

Emulsion A Oil

Restores the sheen of reflective metal surfaces

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Available upon request. Please use the Contact Us form. 

Available upon request. Please use the Contact Us form. 

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