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Phosgene Derivatives

Vertellus is one of the few non cGMP/FDA companies in the US and Europe operating at medium scale to generate phosgene. Our phosgene derivates include acid chlorides, isocyanates, chloroformates and carbamates, and our multi-purpose plant allows us to custom manufacture at small or large scale according to requirements.

Vertellus produces phosgene in-situ from carbon monoxide and chloride and from which we are able to safely produce a wide variety of specialty, non-commoditised solid and liquid phosgene derivatives, isolated in corrosion-resistant equipment. Campaign sizes range from the low tonnes to 10s MT to 100s MT in the pilot plant and on the flexible, multi-purpose plant.  Typically, customers need our intermediates to manufacture crop protection chemicals, pharmaceutical active substances, specialty plastics and coatings and catalysts.