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Vertellus has a long history of supplying polyisobutenyl succinic anhydride (PIBSA) and its derivatives under confidential manufacturing agreements. PIBSAs, manufactured via the thermal process, and their derivatives are custom manufactured in a purpose built multi-product unit. A range of polyisobutene (PIB) molecular weights can be accommodated to produce a wide variety of PIBSA products.

These PIBSAs can then be further reacted to provide functional and performance products used in the oil, fuel, lubes, mining, coatings, personal care, pigments, dyes and polymers sectors.

A key part of Vertellus' technology is the amination of the anhydride group of the PIBSA molecule with long chain polyamines such as DETA, TETA and TEPA. This succinimide formation is carried in 25m3 vessels, affording excellent economies of scale to exacting specifications.



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