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Alkanes have many uses depending upon chain length, lower chains having lower boiling points often used in cleaning fluids as degreasers, or as carriers in formulations and as agrochemical adjuvants, (C8, C10). As the chains are extended and often branched, products see uses in emulsions; face creams in cosmetics, (C12), or in electronics applications (C10). Some typical applications and data is shown below.

At Vertellus, we can make many alkanes, but focus on phase change materials (PCM). Typically we have focused on Hexadecane and Octadecane. The melting points are around body temperature. This phase change has an energy change associated with it.  This energy is stored in the material until the phase change occurs when it is released to an environment, or is absorbed for later release when melted.

This property is used in many applications where heat storage, or temperature is required. Alkanes can be microencapsulated and used as part of a coating in one form or another.