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Hydroxy Waxes

Vertellus has the capability to hydrogenate castor oil to produce a hard wax called Castorwax®, with a melt point of 87°C.  Castorwax® can be further derivatized to lower the melt point and soften the wax, or to increase the melt point and harden the wax.

Castorwax® and Paricin® hydroxystearate waxes are characterized by extreme insolubility, narrow melting range, lubricity, pigment and dye dispersibility, and coupling action for immiscible waxes, resins, rubbers and polymers. They have utility in metal drawing lubricants, as processing aids for rubber and plastics, wax polishes, paper coatings for food packaging and plug valve greases.

Paricin® hydroxyamide waxes are hard waxes that are extremely resistant to alkalis and acids, in contrast to the natural and synthetic ester waxes. These materials have excellent lubricating and anti-static properties for plastic and metals. They also have sharp melt points and will function to raise the tack-free point of hot melt compositions. The high melt point and excellent pigment wetting ability allow for its use as an anti-blocking agent for high-speed inks and coatings.