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Castor oil and its derivatives provide many desirable properties for the formulation of industrial lubricants. The polar hydroxyl groups contribute high load-bearing properties to lubricant films with a low coefficient of friction under boundary lubrication conditions.

P-10 Acid ricinoleic acid along with Flexricin 100 and 50 are the esters of long chain fatty acid having both acid and hydroxyl functionality in the chain.  They are widely used to produce in-situ soaps in metalworking fluid applications.

Vertellus castor oils and derivatives can be used directly or as lubricity additives in oil-based  and water dispersed systems. Thus, they are applicable to hydraulic fluids, soluble oils and coolants.

Also available are the Vorite Oils which are TDI-reacted castor oils which are particularly well-suited for the formulation of plug valve greases and lubricants.