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Oilfield Chemicals

Vertellus provides a variety of products for the Drilling, Stimulation and Processing segments of the Oil & Gas Industry.  In addition to our own products, Vertellus produces proprietary products for O&G customers.

PAP/HAP finds use as a corrosion inhibitor in Stimulation and Processing applications.  Pyridine derivatives are used as additives in hydrogen sulfide gas scrubbing formulations.  Vinylpyridine is a critical component in demulsifying systems.

Castor oil derivatives, due to their excellent properties for oil based systems, are applicable as a surfactant/dispersant/emulsifier for oil based slurries and formulations.  Alkenyl succinic anhydrides are excellent dispersants, water scavengers, corrosion inhibitors, and are used in syntactic foams for ocean oil-drilling buoyancy systems.