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P®-10 Acid

These are mono-basic acids derived from castor oil for use in industrial applications or as chemical intermediates. The hydroxy fatty acids are P®-10 with a double bond in the 9-10 position and its saturated analog 12-Hydroxystearic Acid. The 9-11® Acids are the conjugated drying oil acid produced from dehydrated castor oil and is principally linoleic acid (89%). The pyrolytic decomposition of castor oil yields Undecylenic Acid, an 11 carbon acid with vinyl unsaturation.

Three types of long chain, monobasic acids are derived from castor oil: Hydroxylated Acids, which retain the hydroxyl group and double bond (P-®10 Acid and Flexricin® 100); Undecylenic Acid, resulting from the catalytic conversion of castor oil; and a conjugated acid from the conversion of Castung® dehydrated castor oil to the acid, the end result of hydrolysis and distillation (9-11® Acids). A fourth type of monobasic acid, derived from hydrogenated castor oil (i.e. Castorwax®), is 12-Hydroxystearic Acid (12-HSA).