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Sodium Borohydride

 A water-soluble reducing agent exhibiting unique propertias in organic synthesis.

Major Industrial Applications

Sodium Borohydride is used for the reduction of carbonyls, peroxides and metal ions, as well as purification and removal of color, odor and oxidation precursors in organic chemical products.

Within the market of chemical hydride reductions in organic synthesis, sodium borohydride has a number of marked benefits - this has allowed NaBH4 to become the most important hydride-reductant being used on industrial scale, with a market share exceeding 50%.

Some of the key drivers for opting for sodium borohydride chemistry:

  • the least expensive metal hydride commercially available (on a hydride equivalent basis)
  • safe with regards to storage and use & handling
  • industrial implementation requires no or limited equipment investment
  • ease of work-up (boron salts)
  • ubiquitous solvents such as water and methanol are typically employed
  • unique and versatile as a hydride reducing agent for both chemo- and diastereo-selectivity