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Vertellus has two product lines for use as industrial surfactants – Surfactol non-ionic surfactants based on castor oil and alkenyl succinic anhydrides for conversion into anionic surfactants.

From self-emulsifiable to totally water soluble, Surfactol non-ionic surfactants are excellent emulsifiers for oils, fats, waxes, oleoresinous vehicles and alkyds.  They are also solubilizers and dispersants for dyes and colorants.  In general these products provide a means of utilizing the basic properties of castor oil (lubricity, penetration, pigment wetting and broad compatibility) in water-based systems.

The two carboxyl groups in our alkenyl succinic anhydrides (ASA’s) allow an unusual amount of flexibility in designing anionic surfactants.  Two oleophilic or two hydrophilic, or one of each, can be linked to the ASA.  The largest surfactant uses of these are as hydrotropes and couplers for cleaning products, emulsifiers for textiles, leather and paper, and pigment wetting.