Naturechem™ CR (Cetyl Ricinoleate)

Naturechem™ CR is a light emollient with outstanding aesthetics between lubricious and dry. Its feel is the lightest among Vertellus’ castor-derived emollients.

INCI: Cetyl Ricinoleate

Form: Semi-solid

Properties: Light emollient with outstanding aesthetics and intermediate slip. Extremely mild, non-comedogenic, non-oily, silky feel, butter-type consistency, bland taste. Excellent moisturization efficacy for winterized/sun-dried skin with low melting point (~30° C).

Applications: Lipsticks, lip balms, creams and lotions, lip treatments.


Hair Care, Pomade

Moisturizing, silky feel with low melting point

Set of lipstick tubes on  white background


Bland taste is ideal for lip products 

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