Naturechem™ GMHS Emulsifier

Naturechem GMHS is a solid emollient and an attractive alternative to Glyceryl Stearate (GMS). It is incorporated into the oil phase of oil-in-water emulsions where it functions as a secondary emulsifier and thickener. Owing to its occlusivity, it reduces transepidermal water loss and in addition, hydrates the skin through humectancy via hydrogen bonding between water and the material’s hydroxyl groups.

INCI: Glyceryl Hydroxystearate

Form: Flake

Properties: Vegetable-based. Moisturizing via occlusivity and humectancy. Superior viscosity builder. Higher melt point and improved aesthetics over Glyceryl Stearate.

Applications: Anhydrous sticks, creams, and lotions


Food Colorant

2-Vinylpyridine is the key intermediate in the production of the API, betahistine, an anti-vertigo medicine.

2-Vinylpyridine is a reactive monomer and once polymerized, the nitrogen is less exposed/accessible than its counterpart, 4-Vinylpyridine. It can be copolymerized with many other monomers, in particular cationic monomers, such as acrylamide, acrylates, and also with other vinyl-based monomers (e.g. styrene). The benefit of the addition of a 6-membered heterocyclic moiety is the increased Van der Waals forces which impart better electrostatic forces to the finished polymer, improving adhesion.


Typical Properties

Acid Value
Hydroxyl Value
Saponification Value
Iodine Value
Melt Point (°C)
Specific Gravity

Values shown in the above table are typical properties.

Application Highlights

Hair Care, Pomade

Moisturizing, silky feel with low melting point


Bland taste is ideal for lip products 

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Available upon request. Please use the Contact Us form. 

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