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Castor Oil Products

Throughout the world, we're recognized as the leading innovator in natural-based castor oil chemistry, providing performance solutions for a wide range of demanding applications for an ever-changing marketplace.  Vertellus offers a range of products for the Personal Care industry which function as emulsifiers, emollients, solubilizers, surfactants and conditioners.  Castor oil is noted for its ability to carry the highest concentration of dyes and pigments needed in lipsticks and cosmetics in general.  Chemical conversion of the oil provides products ranging from low viscosity to high melting point solids, from unsaturation to full saturation, and from oil soluble to complete water solubility.  The Vertellus line of castor-based derivatives is specially designed to meet the needs of the Cosmetic, Toiletries and Household products industries.

Castor oil is unique among all fats and oils in that:

  • It is the only source of an 18-carbon hydroxylated fatty acid with one double bond
  • Ricinoleic acid (12-hydroxyoleic acid) constitutes approximately 90% of the fatty acid composition
  • Product uniformity and consistency are high for a naturally occurring material
  • It is a non-toxic, biodegradable, renewable resource

The hydroxyl groups in castor oil account for a unique combination of physical properties:

  • Relatively high viscosity and specific gravity
  • Solubility in alcohols in any proportion
  • Limited solubility in aliphatic solvents