Personal & Consumer Care Ingredients and Actives for Skin Care, Hair Care, Oral Care, and Home Care Products

Castorwax™ Hydrogenated Castor Oils

The Vertellus line of Castorwax™ hydrogenated castor oil products are solid emollients. The materials are very commonly used as an addition to suspensoid antiperspirant sticks.  They may also be incorporated into the oil phase of oil-in-water emulsions where they function as an internal phase thickener and emollient.  Owing to their occlusivity, they reduce trans-epidermal water loss and, in addition, hydrate the skin through humectancy via hydrogen bonding between water and the material’s hydroxyl groups.  One of the grades meets the specifications set forth in the National Formulary.


  • High melting point
  • Odorless and tasteless
  • Compatible with silicone fluids
  • Thickener and opacifier
  • Heat stability at high temperatures
  • Improved distribution of antiperspirant actives
  • Lends luster and repels water from pigmented systems


  • Antiperspirant sticks
  • Lipsticks
  • Sunscreens