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Enjoy the great outdoors.  Vertellus line of registered active-ingredients for use in insect repellent formulations helps you keep away annoying insects and reduce your risk of insect-borne diseases.  Most well-known is DEET which is the most widely used active ingredient in repellents worldwide and is unequalled when it comes to keeping mosquitoes, ticks, and other bugs away.
A major product line for Vertellus, DEET is the active ingredient in the most widely used insect repellents in the U.S. that are applied to the skin. The chemical name for DEET is N, N-diethyl-m toluamide.
According to Jonathan F. Day, Professor of Medical Entomology, University of Florida, Florida Medical Entomology Laboratory, “DEET is one of the safest, most reliable products on the market. Researchers are constantly searching for new repellents and during the past 40 years, nothing has come close to DEET in terms of repellent efficacy against biting arthropods (insects and ticks).
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