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PC Biomaterials

PC Technology™ is a proprietary portfolio of synthetic monomers and polymers containing phosphorylcholine (PC) that has been developed to provide biocompatible coatings to improve the performance of products in medical applications. PC is the name for the chemical head group found in the naturally occurring phospholipids that form cell membranes and as such, plays a key role in determining how a cell interacts with its surrounding environment. PC contains both positive and negative charges and is overall, electrically neutral (zwitterionic) over a wide pH range. The dual charge nature of PC makes it very polar and materials containing PC are very hydrophilic (water loving) and this affinity for water allows PC to create a barrier which inhibits the deposition of proteins, and the adhesion and activation of cells. These antifouling properties result in a significant reduction in blood activation, inflammatory response and bacterial adhesion. Additionally, PC polymers, being hydrogels, can be used to absorb active agents such as drugs and by careful tailoring of the structure of the polymer, the release of the active substance can be controlled. For example, a biocompatible PC coating has been used on drug-eluting coronary stent products, including Dexamet™ ( Abbott) and Endeavor® (Medtronic).

Products incorporating PC Technology™ enjoy FDA-allowed label claims relating to reduced biofilm formation (tympanostomy tubes), reduced thrombus formation(coronary guide-wires) and improved comfort (contact lenses). A large number of papers have been published in peer-reviwed journals describing laboratory and clinical studies on materials and medical device products incorporating PC Technology™.

As a result of its affinity for moisture PC materials can be useful in applications where, for example, hemocompatibility together with instant wettability is required (blood processing and analysis) or moisturisation and dehydration resistance is required (skin care preparations).

Vertellus supplies a range of PC-containing monomers and polymers for use in making molded articles such as contact lenses or for use as biocompatible coatings on medical devices including cardiopulmonary bypass equipment, wound repair mesh and urological products.

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