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Naturechem® PGR (Propylene Glycol Ricinoleate)

Naturechem® PGR is a liquid emollient.  Because it forms occlusive barriers, it reduces transepidermal water loss, and also hydrates the skin through humectancy via hydrogen bonding between water and the material’s hydroxyl groups, being able to attract and bind water from the atmosphere and lower layers of the epidermis and dermis. Naturechem® PGR’s stability makes it a desirable alternative to oleates.

INCI: Propylene Glycol Ricinoleate

Form: Liquid

Properties: Non-comedogenic. Lubricious. Imparts gloss. Provides cushion. Effective wetting agent and stabilizer for highly concentrated, anhydrous pigmented products and dye dispersions.

Applications: Emollients, lipsticks, lip balms, creams and lotions, massage oils, lip treatments.


Applications: Health & BeautySkin & Lip Care


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