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Surfactol® 365

Surfactol® 365 surfactant is a water-dispersible emollient. Based on castor oil, this product may be considered water soluble and a fragrance solubilizer. It functions well as a component in aqueous gels, hydro-alcoholic solutions and aqueous solutions.  It also functions as a solubilizer for dyes, colorants, perfumes, essential oils, extracts and other lipophilic materials (such as vitamin E and UV absorbers).

INCI: PEG-40 Castor Oil

Form: Liquid

Properties: Efficient solubilizer and oil/water emulsifier.  Non-comedogenic.

Applications: Aqueous gels, hydro-alcoholic solutions, aqueous solutions, fragrances and ancillaries.

Applications: CosmeticsHealth & BeautySkin & Lip Care


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Surfactol 365English

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