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Citroflex® A-4 Plasticizer (Acetyl Tributyl Citrate)

Citroflex® A-4, also called Acetyltri-n-butyl Citrate, is widely used in children’s toys and food contact applications.  It provides many improvements over di-butyl phthalate in cellulose nitrate films, including lower volatility, better resistance to yellowing, and better adhesion to metals.  Citroflex® A-4 is effective in solution coating both paperboard and foil.  It is an excellent plasticizer for vinyl toys. Citroflex® A-4 is also used as plasticizer for bio-plastics such as a poly lactic acid, cellulose acetate and poly hydroxyalkanoic acid.


Applications: PlasticizersPVC AdditivesBiopolymer AdditivesWire & Cable


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