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Morflex® 150 (Dicyclohexyl Phthalate)

Morflex® 150, a solid at ambient temperatures, is used as a plasticizer in heat-sealable films and as a co-plasticizer in poly (vinyl chloride). In this application, solidification from the liquid state is time dependent, thus making it useful in thermo-sensitive adhesives. It promotes pores in vinyl latex glove coatings, and is a plasticizer for marine & water resistant coatings. Other applications include specialty ink formulations, polyester ink formulations for food contact (break wrapper printing in single use drinking cups), nitrocellulose coatings to seal pores in cellophane, powder coatings (electrostatic coatings), PVC laminate for primal meat packaging, thermo-sensitive, delayed tack adhesive for labels, and in acrylic heat seal coatings.

Applications: PlasticizersWire & Cable


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