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Topanol® CA-SF

The original grade of Topanol® CA-SF, a registered trademark used under license by Imperial Chemical Industries, was developed over 40 years ago and has gained an excellent reputation in the polymer industry. It is highly efficient compared to other hindered phenols. It has low volatility, does not stain, making it is useful in polymers intended for a very wide range of end uses. Its high efficiency can be enhanced by using it with secondary antioxidants such as phosphites and thioesters, which produce synergistic effects, leading to very effective and economical formulations.

Topanol® CA-SF is used at very low levels in the following applications:

  • PVC plasticizers and compounding, primarily for stabilizing plasticizers in automotive wire and cable applications
  • ABS, MBS, and SBR styrenic polymers
  • Nylons and polyamides

Applications: AntioxidantsPVC AdditivesWire & Cable


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