Plastics & Polymers Enhancing Polymer Performance

ZeMac® Copolymers

ZeMac® Copolymers are 1:1 alternating copolymers of ethylene and maleic anhydride which are excellent film formers and compatibilizing agents. Common applications include glass fiber sizing, laminated films, micro-encapsulation, high performance pigment dispersion, hot melt adhesives, heat seal packaging, dispersion stabilization, and plastics compounding applications. 

ZeMac® E-60P powder and ZeMac® Extend master batch pellets are very efficient as a chain extenders to increase relative viscosity and mechanical properties such as tensile strength, elongation and modulus, flex strength and modulus, impact strength especially at low temperature, HDT, and bending strength of polymers containing hydroxyl or amine end groups such as polyamides, PBT, and other engineering polymers, while at the same time acting as a Branching Agent to provide shear thinning at high shear for improved processing of these plastics. These products are used to upgrade recycled nylon, virgin nylon, other polyamides and engineering plastics. When used to upgrade recycled engineering plastics, these products are referred to as recycling agents.