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ZeMac® E400

ZeMac® E400 is an alternating copolymer of ethylene and maleic anhydride with Mn of about 95,000 and Mw of 400,000 available in powder form. It has applications in glass sizing, in microencapsulation and as a viscosity modifier for water-based solutions. It is also available in aqueous solutions as ZeMac® Solution S403520 and ZeMac® Solution S407015 for these applications and as a pellet form as ZeMac® Extend M4001 in an ethylene-butyl acrylate copolymer carrier resin for plastic compounding applications. In microencapsulation applications it is one of the best additives available for controlling the particle size and particle size distribution of the microcapsules. It is typically packaged for commercial shipment either in fiber drums containing 68 kg. or in supersacks containing 400 kg.

Applications: MicroencapsulationGlass Sizing


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