Polymerized Castor Oil Series

These non-drying castor polymers, commonly known as blown oils, have increasing viscosities resulting from oxidative and cross-link polymerization at the double bonds and hydroxyl groups.

The polymerized oils are used to plasticize a variety of resins in adhesive and sealant systems, inks, and hot melts.  The heavier viscosity polymerized oils are processing aids and plasticizers for rubber polymers, imparting oil and solvent resistance.


Printing Inks

Polymerized Castor Oil can act as water fighter in heatset and offset printing inks. Polymerized Castor Oil stabilizes the ink emulsion, reducing water pickup while maintaining viscosity.  

Lubricant for Oil & Gas Industry

Polymerized Castor Oil is an ideal, thermally stable lubricant and sealant for oil & gas processing applications. This high viscosity oil keeps valves free moving while combating corrosion.

Hot Melt Adhesives

High sharp melt points raise the tack-free temperature of hot melt adhesives. Can be used as an alternative to natural and synthetic ester waxes.

Rubber Compounding

Internal lubricant & mold release aid for rubber compounding. Particularly good for butyl rubber compounding with low vapor transmission rates.

Pigment Grinding

Polymerized Castor Oil is an ideal medium for compounding of pigmented-based coatings. The high viscosity of the oil helps prevent pigment separation.


Available Grades

Color (Gardner)
Acid Value
Hydroxyl Value
Saponification Value
Iodine Value
Pour Point (°C)
Viscosity (Stokes @25°C)
#40 Oil
Pale 4
Pale 1000

Values shown in the above table are typical properties.

#40 Oil is a high viscosity polymer that impart extreme toughness, and solvent and abrasion resistance characteristics to lacquers.  It can also be use as tackifiers for gasket cements, adhesives, and liquid plasticizer milling aids for rubber compounding.

Pale 4 is a lightly polymerized oil of low color and outstanding plasticizing action.  Recommended for inks, lacquers for cloth, paper and water-white wood lacquers where it will impart good sanding, rubbing and plating characteristics.

Pale 1000 is a medium viscosity, all-purpose plasticizer for cellulosic lacquers, inks and strippable coatings.  It has excellent compatibility and film forming properties while imparting toughness, abrasion resistance and high gloss.  Pale 1000 is excellent for grinding media and dispersing color. It will impart oil and solvent resistance to plug valve lubricants, caulks and sealants, and adhesiveness to tack rags and belt dressings.

Application Highlights

Printing Inks

Water fighter for
high speed printing

Oil Field Plug Valve

Polymerized Castor Oils

Long lasting, insoluble lubricant for oil & gas refining applications

Hot Melt Adhesives

Plasticizer coupling agent for
hot melt adhesives

Rubber Compounding

Processing aid for rubber;  
providing slip & anti-block

Pigment Grinding

Polymerized Castor Oil

Ensures good flow properties, including pourability

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Available upon request. Please use the Contact Us form. 

Available upon request. Please use the Contact Us form. 

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